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I moved the photo-section over to this space. This I hope will allow me to expand this part of my hobby. Getting more photo's from around what I call "The Farm" and other outdoor adventure's. I hope ya'll will like this change.

2002 & 2003
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2000 & 2001
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Bass's Photo Cove 2001
2 pages of photo's from the 2001 season's here in Michigan. Fishing, Hunting, Sunsets, wildlife and Views from around the "Farm"
2001 Page 1. Here.
2001 Page 2. Here

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Bass's Photo Cove 2000
Brand new page's(added 9/26 & 10/20/& 11/12/2000)
4 pages of photos from part of this summer. Sunsets, Sunrises and Wildlife. Plus a few other interesting photos. All taken at the farm.
2000 Page 1. Here.
2000 Page 2. Here.
2000 Page 3. Here.
2000 Page 4. Here

1998 & 1999
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The Farm Photo Cove 1999. 3 pages of New photos of this past season. Fishing, hiking and other great photos.
1999 Page 1. Here
1999 Page 2. Here
1999 Page 3. Here

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The Farm Photo Cove 1998
4 pages of photos. Catagories on this page include, personal favorites, farm landscapes and lake-scapes. Over 20 photos to view.
1998 Page 1. Here
1998 Page 2. Here
1998 Page 3. Here
1998 Page 4. Here

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